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Life Science 2.0 – Safeguarding Life

Stockholm Life Science Conference 2022 addresses the need to reframe Life Science in the wake of COVID-19 and safeguard life: long-term and globally. Lif’s Director-general Anders Blanck is one of the expert panelists.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still not over. Yet now is the time to harness the momentum of the successes and the lessons learned.

The collaborative effort leading to the rapid development of new vaccines and treatments is a true success story. But we have also seen what needs to be done better next time crisis hits.

The life science ecosystem must safeguard the modus operandi that worked so well during the pandemic. And in parallel help build more resilient societies that are better prepared and more equitable in terms of access to vaccines, medicines, and health care services.

Safeguarding life globally today and for future generations – this is the essence of Life Science 2.0.   

Together with the key-note speakers and expert panelists we will explore:

  • The development of COVID-19 vaccines, oral treatment and how decades of basic research paved the way for new vaccines.
  • Building a sustainable life science sector and safeguarding planetary health in the context of UN's Agenda 2030.
  • Developing “universal preparedness” across geographical and generational boundaries and socioeconomic strata focusing on gender and equity.
  • Precision medicine & New Generation Clinical trials: Bringing clinical trials to a new level and accelerating the development of treatments and prevention of neglected diseases.
  • A global, national, and regional perspective on the future of Life Science Topic: How should we combine the ambition to be among the best IN the world with being the be best FOR the world?
  • The role and responsibility of academia in the development and implementation of Life Science 2.0.


Onsite in Stockholm: 09.0013.00 followed by a networking luncheon

Online: 09.0013.00. Follow the conference here

Read more about the conference

Register here at the latest on November 15.